Contact 13 uncovers new case of police killing pets

Contact 13 uncovers new case of police killing pets
14, 2012, North Las Vegas police served a narcotics search warrant at the Walker's home. Tom was arrested and faces three felony charges of possession of stolen property, unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of methamphetamine with intent to … Read more on (multiple names)

Life with no parole for murder of Citrus Heights veteran
“To realize he'd been killed after everything he'd gone through, to learn the details of how and why, it was so difficult to wrap my whole being around it,” Gregory Cole said in the video that was played in Sacramento Superior Court. Judge Michael A … Read more on Modesto Bee

Updated:Hunt guilty of second-degree murder for shooting Richland teen (w/video)
Hunt — in his interview with sheriff's detectives and his trial testimony — claimed his judgment was clouded from a combination of marijuana, methamphetamine and alcohol. He admitted shooting Snapp in the chest, but claimed it wasn't planned and that … Read more on Mid Columbia Tri City Herald