Dow Jones industrial average closes at all-time high

Dow Jones industrial average closes at all-time high
It's a positive sign for the nation's economy. The gain …. METH HEAD MOM'S DESCENT: New Mexico mother addicted to drugs accused of stomping 9-year-old son to deathSynthia Varela-Casaus apparently loved meth more than her 9-year-old son. She has … Read more on New York Daily News

Rosemond: Parents should take away video games
His principal sees no sign of depression but thinks he's socially anxious. The subjects of counseling … First, you cannot "suggest" to a methamphetamine addict that he shouldn't use so much meth, that he needs to get more exercise. If the addict won … Read more on Reno Gazette Journal

Red flags mean stop the relationship
Too often, we willingly overlook these telltale symptoms. We're awash in romantic, feelgood hormones. … Some folks like tackling a challenge and gleefully choose to rehabilitate a meth addict. Others don't want to appear judgmental, so they plow … Read more on The San Luis Obispo Tribune