Fast Weight Loss Diet CureProgram — Video 7

Fast Weight Loss Diet CureProgram — Video 7 – Three people — experts in metabolic control for quick weight-loss — share the main secret to stay at ideal weight and in overall health. IMMUNICS § The C…


Court for drug addicts at risk
The primary drug of choice for clients is cocaine, at 57 per cent, with crystal meth coming second at 20 per cent. — source: 2013 Winnipeg drug treatment court evaluation by University of Winnipeg criminologist Michael Weinrath and honours student … Read more on Winnipeg Free Press

Months after finale, 'Breaking Bad' still cooking in Albuquerque
Jan. 31, 2014. The shopper nearly whispered her request. "Five bags of the blue stuff," Susan Clifford said. Inside the candy shop in this city's Old Town district, Debbie Ball handed over packets of a turquoise-tinted confection designed to resemble … Read more on Los Angeles Times