Again. Marijuana and Weed. Maybe they’re the same, who knows.?

Question by sierra, sierra, sierraaaaaaaaaa.: Again. Marijuana and Weed. Maybe they’re the same, who knows.?
Yes, same as the others. I just need side effects and harm.


I’m not ‘making you guys write my report’ I do look for these things. I’m just a stupid little 8th grader who knows nothing. Not really, but still. I’m not using this for a cheat sheet. And all the stupid answers that make NO sense, it’s useless and a waste of mine, and your time.


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Answer by WoWlovr
You can go on myspace and look up this dude with the myspace name I support Marijuuana he has some cool stuff stuff there

Answer by rachel_ohanlon
go on yahoo and type in marijuana side effects. Here is one site I found:

Drugs & Addiction : Side Effects of the Drug Ritalin – Some side effects of Ritalin are similar to those of any other stimulant or amphetamine, which include loss of appetite, jitters, nervousness and a change in…


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