The Saboteurs

The Saboteurs
"He felt that our addiction to fossil fuels, rampant consumerism and materialism, addictions, breakdown of family units were all symptoms of a society that has lost its root connection to God. Further, he felt that we are in a kind of end times state … Read more on OpEdNews

Our View: Maine drug policy puts two generations at risk
But any efforts to address the problem will be undercut by a recent two-year state cap on Medicaid coverage of addiction treatment. This policy fails to recognize the severity of a statewide public health epidemic, and as long as it's in place, the … Read more on Press Herald

Lose – Lose: doctors and the addiction crisis
Sit for a short time with a group of addicts discussing how their addiction began, how they sustained their habit, or the treatment approaches that have failed, and the discussion will probably include disparaging references to doctors. Increasingly … Read more on Main Line

Counseling center treats struggles of the mind and body
The additional treatments are paid for through a grant called Access to Recovery, a federal initiative administered by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, which is under of Department of Health and Human Services. Romero has 15 years of … Read more on Rio Rancho Observer

Caffeine Addiction Exposé Part 6/6 – UnificationNow – This video was created by Amanda. Visit her fun & healing art at or, if you’d like to receive an empathic tarot reading from Am…