The Happy Meal: Fast Food's Greatest Invention

The Happy Meal: Fast Food's Greatest Invention
Those children were the ones who usually resorted to hanging out alone by the teeter-totters, selling crystal meth. Yet even their existential box pain could be alleviated for a few bucks at Mickey D's. The Happy Meal expressed, "I am a child whose … Read more on Huffington Post (satire)

Photos: Million In Heroin And Crystal Meth, Plus 0K Cash, Found In
If you're running a drug ring in your apartment, one of the problems you run into is where to store your drugs. Discreetly. For some enterprising dealers in Washington Heights, it involved some DIY home reno work: They decided to create "traps"—aka … Read more on Gothamist

Evangelist Franklin Graham's anti-gay stance fans culture war's flames
… the Gay Christian Network, based in Raleigh, N.C. “That meant that it was my job, if I cared about them, to speak out about any pro-gay messages the same way you might take drastic steps to stop the spread of a dangerous, addictive drug like … Read more on Al Jazeera America