How Do I Know When My Teen is Addicted to Or Using Meth?

Meth is easily one of the most dangerous drugs that our teens are getting addicted to, and the scary part is that many parents are clueless until it is to late. The early symptoms of meth addiction can be a bit hard to recognize in teens as it will sometimes… Continue reading

Meth Addictive: Steps in Crystal Meth Rehab

There are several steps you need to go through in order to recover and complete crystal meth rehab. Because of the difficult recovery nature of this drug, in part because of the destruction it does to one’s life, it is important to understand the steps that are needed to get… Continue reading

Deputies: Man Found Cooking Meth In Volusia County Barn

Deputies: Man Found Cooking Meth In Volusia County Barn

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He said meth was his most recent drug of choice. Jett said he just got out of detox last week but went right back to it because he didn't get enough help. "Every time I try… Continue reading

Crystal Meth and the Gay Community

In recent years, crystal meth has become the drug of choice in the gay men’s party scene. Like the mainstream use of crystal meth, this trend spread from west to east – San Francisco to New York and Vancouver to Toronto. At “PNP” parties (shorthand for “party and play” –… Continue reading

Common Signs of Crystal Meth Abuse

As the crystal meth epidemic continues to get worse, it is vital to be aware of the common signs of crystal meth abuse. Crystal meth is the man-made drug that is killing our sisters, brothers, friends and loved ones, and it is happening everyday. Crystal meth is made strictly from… Continue reading

Mississippi Meth Lab Activity

Mississippi is the poster child for Southern charm and personality. Made famous by the cotton fields originating from the rich fertile soil produced from Mississippi river silt and blues music, this state has been the topic of many conversations concerning the South and this nation’s history. Unfortunately the state is… Continue reading