Still addicted…?

Question by so_fresh: Still addicted…?
I’ve tried over and over so many times to quit using narcotic pain killers, but I can’t last more than 3 days. How are people supposed to get clean when they can’t afford help? I know I’m addicted, I know I need help, but I simply don’t have the money for any kind of treatment. I know I could go to NA but I think it would just give me more access to drugs- we all know who hangs around those meetings, right? Anyway now I’m looking on here to see if anyone has advice or ideas on how I can quit… I feel like there’s no way out, like I know where I need to go, but don’t have any idea how to get there.

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Answer by Pretty
You are just the only person can help your self to make you out in that situation!!!. . . Try some diversion activities

Answer by acdcrox81
well me only 12 and just had major surgery on me knee and i was on morphine 4 nearlly a year
i just went 2 a pain doctor regularly and he weened me of it slowly

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