Filler: Fewer deaths from pain pills is good news
This is particularly true when it comes to issues like crime, drug abuse and overdoses, when the negatives are so frightening that they drown out the positives. Deaths from opiate overdoses have declined … The headline in the Sunday Newsday's front … Read more on Newsday

Traffic police: Half of Tehran motorists tested for drugs, alcohol are under
“We receive worrying reports from hospitals and physicians about an increase in alcohol consumption in the southern districts of Tehran,” said Baqer Larijani, then head of the Health Ministry's policy-making council. An Iranian conservative news … Read more on Asharq Alawsat English

Heroin deaths more than double in Boulder County
Many people will smoke it before starting to use needles and dependence and tolerance develop quickly. … Although heroin deaths are on the rise, Boulder County said for them, alcohol continues to be the biggest public health issue in regards to … Read more on 9NEWS.com

Victory Temple Ministries Turning Around Lives with the Help of Tamales
“We mostly deal with what I call 'life-control issues,' which are mainly geared toward addictions. Alcoholics, junkies, crack or meth addicts, they all have life-controlling problems,” Hernandez explained. The home is open to anyone as long as they … Read more on San Angelo LIVE!