Roger Mahony Hymn (aka Help Us Jesus) priest scandal

I wrote this song in reaction to the ongoing horrors that continue to surface about molestations of children by priests. I am particularly bewildered as to why Roger Mahony is still a man of great power in the Catholic Church and I welcome explanations as to why from anyone who might share their opinion or insight. We consider this nightmare to be the most evil betrayal of children’s love and trust in our history. The release of this song is a fundraising effort. We will donate 90% of proceeds from the sales of “Roger Mahony Hymn (aka Help Us Jesus)” to SNAP, a support group / organization for victims who continue to be torn emotionally by the betrayals of those they trusted, specifically the priests and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. The journey begins with the release of the song; we need your help in moving forward. To make your one-dollar donation by purchasing this song, go to: (words and music by Ron Frederick, c2008) The bells ring for you in churches untrue and unfaithful With children abused, and priests stand accused of love hateful What’s really much worse is you put the church first, holy deception Not one parent heard even one single word of protection We know you never cared, you never cared for those children We know you never cared, your lies and betrayals so cruel When the truth was revealed the obedient kneeled in your cathedrals You sent abusers elsewhere to once again take care of young children Their innocence torn as shame and evil
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