Research on marijuana and the subconscious?

Question by : Research on marijuana and the subconscious?
This is not to glamorize or demean bud smoking, its for research only. Does anybody else notice that when you get high, with certain strains of weed, you can control your subconscious. You notice what other people sub consciously do. It makes you understand the way things work. For some people, you just get high and dull out, but im talking to the ones who get these effects.Do you think this is true. I think everybody agrees that it should be completely legal for people to do research on marijuana. I think researching psychedelics will help us figure out more how it is that the brain works, and why people get disorders like schizophrenia. It will help us find cures. I am not some pot head who is just trying to get high. I dont like marijuana anymore, it gives me anxiety. I just think there is so much to be learned from this plant and other hallucinogens.
You do things in your subconcious, without thinking.There is a subconcious, it;s a fact. We are much more technologically advanced now then we were in the 60’s. The research back then was biased against drugs too, we need new unbiased research. Im interested in pursuing a degree in psychology and doing what I can as i suffer from emotional/mental disorders

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Answer by Shannon
I agree with you. The fact that it is proven to dull pain is a huge reason why we should research more about it and the effects of using it.

Answer by Krisco
I agree with all your points; it makes me anxcious and it also should be researched more.
But it’s a hallucigen (sp?) and I know with ACID it can bring an early onset or even create a problem with scitzophrenia and pot has a lot of similarities with acid.

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