Pros of alcohol and drug abuse?

Question by Angel: Pros of alcohol and drug abuse?
I’m having a debate on alcohol and drug abuse for my sociology class and my half of the debate are the pros. I certainly know that the functionalists would say that drug and alcohol abuse is good because it provides jobs for AA employees and provides greater economic flow. I’d actually like to know, are there any other pros besides the mentioned for the abuse of alcohol and drugs? Can the word “abuse” be used in a different context for alcohol and drugs? Please give me something to debate on the pros, thank you!
Okay, let me clarify my point of the debate: I WAS ASSIGNED THE HALF OF THE DEBATE WHICH IS THE PROS OF ALCOHOL AND DRUG ABUSE. I didn’t just ask for the pros of health, I’m also asking for benefits it causes. Functionalists, Conflict theorists, anything really. It wasn’t my choice to be the pro party. Sorry if I didn’t clarify enough.

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Answer by jonny s
One time I heard somebody pose the question: “Has anything good ever come from drinking alcohol?”

Someone answered: “Yes. AA and lots of beautiful children.”

I couldn’t argue with them.

Answer by Jennifer
Decreased inhibitions
More pleasure
(Btw, there really are not that many “jobs” for AA people. I believe that most group leaders are volunteers, not paid employees. There are probably more employees working for the liquor agency)
Yes, it is a manufactured good and a large industry.
Marijuana has some particularly useful effects for various medical conditions. I’m sure you can find that online somewhere. CO and WA have decided that it is legal for recreational use.
Alcohol is legal. Coke is not.

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