people with a past of drug abuse only?

ok well i’m 22 years old so you all know….at the age of 16 i started to enjoy useing vicodin,percocets, to get high and deal with the everyday teenage problems, i went from usein once in a while to a full blown addict by the age of 19, i was abusing oxycontin,morphine paches and pill, shooting heroin and oxycontin, then started substituing opites with ectacy,meth and cocaine, i got married at age 19and had a child, she was aware of my problem but did not know how seriouse it was, well to put it all together…i’m now devorced, lost my house because of the drugs(bought drugs insted of paying bills) i’m currently enrolled at a methadone clinic for my addiction, now even after everything that happend to me,and all the trubble i got in for stealing and stuff while i was an addict using. i still abuse my perscription adderall and ritalin, why cant i stop myself from finding ways to still get high…will i ever change? or is it just my addictive personality? what is your opinoin?

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