North Korea's new drug addiction

North Korea's new drug addiction
SEOUL, South Korea — For years, crystal meth has been the intoxicant of choice for North Korean drug users. They take the stimulant recreationally, or occasionally to work long hours or suppress unsatisfied appetites in the impoverished countryside. Read more on GlobalPost

Lewis County Superior Court: March 10 – March 17
Jacob Ruan Woods, 39, Winlock, possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, sentenced to 24 months in a residential chemical dependency treatment-based alternative, fined $ 2,000, $ 2,000 in fees. • Bobbie Elizabeth Escontrias, possession of … Read more on Centralia Chronicle

At Olympic College, a program helps low-income students afford the costs of
His meth addiction was already in full swing, so his parents sent him to a residential treatment center for teens in Provo, Utah. There, he completed his GED. Since he was the only person in the treatment center to get a GED that quarter, he often … Read more on Real Change News