My weed was laced!??? I was tripping balls please help!?

Question by John Appleseed: My weed was laced!??? I was tripping balls please help!?
It was last night, a Friday night, my friend and I were bored, so we decided to have a little fun. The plan was to buy weed, get high, then chill at home. We bought our weed, went home, and I took only 3 hits. After the third hit, I got up sat on my bed then started to trip. Like I felt mentally insane. I couldn’t think straight, I felt dizzy and felt like I was in a movie. My friend was asking me questions and either I forgot what his questions were or i answered with saying sumthin completely different from what he asked. I kept blacking out, everything was in slow motion. I was scared to death, it was unlike anything, it felt like a dream, what do you think our weed was laced with? I don’t smoke all the time maybe once or twice every 3 months…

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Answer by RaptorJesus
That must have been some goodass weed.

Answer by Iwantyouback <3
Meth, crack, acid. seems like one of those. look it up online with the “symptoms” you had while high and it will prolly let you know what was really in it.

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