Mother testifies in baby-shaking trial

Mother testifies in baby-shaking trial
Authorities in Ardmore TN took three people into custody following the discovery of a meth lab Thursday night. A third … She confessed to using crack cocaine and marijuana while pregnant, and admitted using drugs during other pregnancies. She also … Read more on WAFF

Mike Martens: A local lawman for 30 years
"I consider meth a major problem here. I consider drug and alcohol abuse a major problem in our area." Growing up here, Martens didn't see nearly the problems that he does now. He urges citizens who want to help to be aware of their environment and … Read more on Estherville Daily News

Regional Report: Under Pressure, Some College Students Turn To Adderall
Finck drew on a student-led study that found that 16 percent of Middlebury students who participated use the drug illegally, while only 4 percent reported have prescriptions. Nationally, an estimated … But when you look at the difference between … Read more on Vermont Public Radio