Methamphetamine still a big problem in Troup County

Methamphetamine still a big problem in Troup County
While research suggests that recovery for meth addicts is nearly impossible, Kelly Veal, treatment coordinator for the Troup Couny Felony Drug Court, disagrees and said drug court outcomes prove otherwise. According to Veal, the program graduation rate … Read more on LaGrange Daily News

Man Arrested for Methamphetamine Possession Dies After Being in Police
At the hospital, Sanchez went into medical distress for unknown reasons and after being released from custody, his treatment was continued by hospital staff. Sanchez died last Tuesday night around 10PM. Because he was still in jail when his medical … Read more on Long Beach Post

Tribeca: Tony Soprano and Walter White's Shared Kryptonite? Lovable Dogs
A budding crystal meth kingpin who effortlessly watches a young girl choke to death. A mafia boss who …. You can't treat these people, and, in fact, what the treatment is doing is giving them the language to help them become better criminals … Read more on