is k2 band in temple texas & is the fda coming out with an approved k2?

Question by only1tadpole: is k2 band in temple texas & is the fda coming out with an approved k2?

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Answer by Ebeneezer Scrooge
the DEA temporarily banned 5 types of synthetic cannabinoids. many products are becoming illegal. but there are also other synthetic cannabinoids, meaning that there will still be other products. newer chemicals are always produced as well.

Answer by Mathieu
In The US the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) can automatically make new (or rarely used) substances illegal based on its chemical relationship to other drugs however for the most part K2 has gotten around this because the current law almost exclusively applies only to any form of THC, other cannabinoids have not been listed in the same fashion. HOWEVER The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has authorized emergency scheduling authority to ban the most used “K2 substances” namely JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497, and cannabicyclohexanol for one year during which time testing will be conducted. The DEA is placing the substances under schedule I (C-I) control, this level of control is for drugs that are illegal and are not even available for medical purposes (eg., Heroin, LSD). Also just so you know why they are listing the substances with a drug like Heroin is because The Department of Justice (DOJ) and law from the CSA indicate that a drug that has (or is strongly believed to have) some potential for abuse (no matter how high or mild that risk may be) AND the substance has no currently accepted medical value allows the drug to be placed under schedule I.

I do know a number of cities in Texas have banned K2 but DEA is Federal Law and will apply to all States. Its even banned in The UK, France, and Germany and in many respects they are more liberal with drugs and drugs like Rohypnol are legal (for medical use) in both France and Germany if I remember correctly and Heroin (for medical use) is legal in The UK.

The FDA will certainly not be approving (or even considering approving) K2. FDA approval for drugs is only granted if the substance treats an actual medical condition and multiple high quality studies show it is acceptably safe (all substances have risks) and effective. K2 in general has hardly been studied and there are no realistic potential medical uses at this time.

Also just as a short side note due to the lack of study of K2 substances I HIGHLY recommend against using them. It is far too often that drugs (legal or illegal) look great initially but after a few months or years the risks become all too clear. I don’t like being preachy but at a minimum do some studying so you know about the drugs.

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