Is it harmful to your pet if you touch them while you’re on ecstacy?

Question by OrangeParade: Is it harmful to your pet if you touch them while you’re on ecstacy?
I’m only on my phone so I’m having trouble finding an answer. I’m finding yes it’s bad and no Its fine. Does anyone have a link with the facts?

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Answer by Randy W
It’s o.k. to touch them just don’t put your hand around their necks and they will be just fine.

Answer by Justin
It’s not harmful to touch your pet while on ecstacy. If you are feeling angry or in any way shape or form violent you did not get any ecstacy in your pill. It was most likely ketamine, or a mixture of anti-depressants causing adverse effects. Ecstacy in no way, shape or form makes a person violent, crazy, or capable of committing crimes against others.

Pure ecstacy is mdma (3, 4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine). Just because methamphetamine is in the name does not mean the two are very similar. In chemical composition to the untrained eye yes, amphetamines of all types are very similar. The way the nervous system reacts to them is different. While ecstacy is technically an amphetamine, it’s pure form does not cause huge amounts of energy, as say meth or speed. You don’t get “high” or “retarded” on pure ecstacy. It increases your focus, gives energy to a point, and essentially makes the body unable to regulate temperature. This isn’t as bad as it sounds, because of the fact that you are able to focus, you are not intoxicated in any way such as you would be on alcohol, or weed. You can think clearly, more clearly than when sober, and can still put 2 and 2 together.

It works by causing the brain to release a large amount of serotonin. Serotonin is a neuro-chem that directly attributes to mood, feel, etc. It’s a “feel good” chemical. It then blocks the reabsorption of tryptophan for up to a week maximum. It’s processed in the same way amino acids are in laymens terms. Yes, during coming down a person could be irritated, depressed, etc. This is due only to either the fact that they loved the feeling so much and don’t like coming down. OR the technical reason of the inability to reabsorb tryptophan and convert it to 5 – ht. This can be avoided by going to the local pharmacy or health store and picking up a 20 – 30 dollar bottle of 5 – htp supplement. It’s an herbal supplement that helps balance and increase serotonin levels. Since only tryptophan reabsorption is blocked, you can still convert 5- ht into serotonin.

Pure ecstacy pills are non-existent. Mdma is not cheap to manufacture in high quantities, and the chemicals needed are regulated and watched internationally. Especially in the United States. Anything containing safrole is highly regulated. To the point where there are maximum public quantities within time periods. Anyone purchasing such must submit a form with their intentions, etc. If at any point the D.E.A. feels like showing up and checking in on what you are doing with the chems, every single millileter must be accounted for.

So in summation, the e pill you got was extremely inpure. Try not to purchase from that dealer again. As always I must show that I do not condone drug use in any way shape or form. The information I provided is intended for educational purpose only, and is a form of harm reduction.

Must always include the disclaimer so the people who hate everything about drugs can’t report ya… Anyway’s, have fun, and be safe. If you want to delve more into the subject and learn more, without going to University you may check erowid dot org. You may also purchase any of Alexander Shulgins books on psychoactives, methylation, etc.


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