i need to promote drug rehabs centers site, its a client site how can i get traffic to this site?

Question by vinay: i need to promote drug rehabs centers site, its a client site how can i get traffic to this site?
this site related to various drug rehabs centers in United States, there is no traffic to this site, please share your views to improve traffic for these types of sites, urgent!

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Answer by Fatcash
Have drug dealers stick a label with your website address on their baggies. 🙂

You will probably need to seek a online marketing professional, to help you with SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and you could also do PPC, Pay Per Click advertising, which is the ads on the sides of the search engines, And, when someone typed in a related topic like, “Find a drug rehab center” it would display your ad.

You could try drug rehab forums, and groups online, and advertise there as well.

Which, your website is a very broad, website, and many people seeking treatment, find a place locally in their phonebook. But, than again, there may be people out of state, or want to send their child or someone to an out of state rehab center that provides better treatment. So, your site may have potential.


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