How do you they “help” you in a mental hospital?

Question by LiT: How do you they “help” you in a mental hospital?
Aside from forcing you on antipsychotic drugs.

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Answer by Jade
They have you under supervision to make sure you do not harm yourself or others. Also, they evaluate you to see what’s wrong in hopes of trying diagnose and treat one’s mental illness.

Answer by Emma’s mommy
Well I have been in a few different hospitals for suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts. And they help you by stabilizing you on meds.. I know you said aside from meds.. but meds is a big issue and they can make a big difference. But aside from that, they help you by keeping you safe. That may sound really simple, but you’re there because you are either a danger to yourself or to others. And when you’re in the hospital, atleast where I was. You are watched like a hawk. It may seem annoying but it’s really for your safety. And they help you by having you speak with a psychiatrist, with the nurses, orderlies and where I was, we would do art therapy, we would go outside ( enclosed yard ) and just lie on the grass. It was a good place to just get away from the real world and focus on what we were all struggling with

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