how do they work?

Question by Volvogirl: how do they work?
well, how do rehabilitation centres work? i have a class assignment and i wanted to this stuff? it’s probably different for drugg addiction, self mutilation, alcoholism etc… can u brief about it? how do they start, wat kinda medication they put u on? how long is the time between the intervention and when u reach the centre?

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Answer by glistam3
There are vast differences depending on the type. First of, “rehabilitation” is a term that specifically is reserved for addiction (drugs or alcohol). The press loves to fling “rehabilitation” around to describe everything any celebrity does that involves “going to a place because one has a problem,” but that’s misusing the term.

Anyhow, [true] rehab centers require a medical evaluation on entry, and the applicant must meet specific criteria for addiction. People who are not conclusively drug addicted are tossed out immediately and guided to whatever they actually need. Once the applicant is admitted, they are barred from bringing any chemical in, even Tylenol or aftershave. Most rehab centers will not put the patient on any meds unless they are required for that person to survive (like insulin for diabetes) but they must get them as-needed from the nurse.

Now, for other issues, like self-mutilation, nervous break-downs or other mental illness, a person undergoes voluntary enrollment in a mental institution or psych ward in a hospital. This is not called rehab. Most psych wards are designed for these voluntary patients, because involuntary enrollment is rare (this is being “committed” and requires a powerful court order from a judge). Those go to a separate area or hospital most of the time.
The voluntary patients are put on medication that is specific to their mental health needs, and this is prescribed by a psychiatrist. Most often the patient must stay for a fixed period for observation even if they want to leave (in Maryland it’s three days).
Now, for all of the above, there may or may no be an intervention. Some folks have a enough sense to check themselves in without anybody making them. However, if there is an intervention, the idea it get them to whichever center as quickly as possible, and it varies by situation. Interventions are not regulated, legal events and anybody can do them (though it’s much better to hire a professional counselor who is familiar).

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