How do people that abuse xanax act?

Question by B2: How do people that abuse xanax act?
My husband was very loving and pleasant last night but this morning when he woke up he was extremely hateful and aggressive. We had made plans to go out and spend the day with our child on his birthday the previous night when he was pleasant but the next morning when I woke him up at the time he had told me to wake him up, he started yelling and saying he didnt care about our plans and didnt want to go. Would this be an affect of xanax or what other kinds of drugs could cause this?

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Answer by Lulabelle
It sounds like he took the xanax last night and what he did this morning was the come down. Xanax is very effective for insomnia and anxiety, but it does have this nasty side effect; aggression, anger, depression etc. He needs to go back to the doctor, because whatever the xanax was supposed to do, it seems it’s creating a bigger problem than the one he had in the first place.

Your husband sounds like he was withdrawing from the xanax. This can be the case, even if he’s only been taking it at night. I’m not saying he has a habit, just that the absense of the drug in his system created a major mood crash which led to him yelling at you.

The alternative is he could just be a pig with a bad attitude who needs telling that you won’t allow him to speak to you in that way. You deserve more respect.

Answer by Frank Thomas
That’s one way they act. If he didn’t save any Xanax for the next morning, it’s no wonder he woke up in a bad mood. Xanax is one of the shortest acting benzodiazepines, and there’s a rebound effect or crash when the drug wears off. That’s what makes it so addictive. Okay, you say he “abuses” Xanax, and odds are he probably abuses other substances.

You need to be careful. As Hunter S. Thompson wrote, “You can turn your back on a man, but you can’t turn your back on a drug.” That means while he’s high, watch out. His behavior will be really unpredictable.

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