How can I end my addiction to sugar, salt and fatty junk food?

Question by : How can I end my addiction to sugar, salt and fatty junk food?
I want to eat a more natural, whole food diet.
But I get the urges to binge on sugary, salty, fatty junk food and fast food, and just yesterday I had a terrible binge on pizza, chips and chocolate.

How can I control my sweet tooth? Salty and Fatty tooth?

Is there a way to stop craving junk and start craving fruits and veggies?

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Answer by Eric
If you actually listen to this and don’t assume that it’s crap then I may be able to help you.

I work for a company called Amway, yes, Amway. Your next thought is scam or bullshit right?
Wrong, because I make enough money every month on it to pay for college, and every other thing a teen age guy buys. BUT, your problem.

If you want to go all out on this, my web page has tons of diet and diet like plans to help you do anything you’d like with your eating habits. Also, instead of woofing down a fat cake or a bag of chips, you could try out our Meal or Snack Bars. Because everything in our Nutrilite (Amway) section is made with all natural plants, you wont need to worry as much about what your eating, because with our products, you can eat these and not lose control of your health, plus they taste amazing. If you don’t try the Blueberry Meal bars your crazy. You’ll honestly never stop eating them. But you can look at this as me being a salesman, or someone who just took 5 minutes out of his sleep at 7:54 AM to give you some advice. I hope you find a way that works for you!

Answer by natpractitioner
One of the best ways to control binge junk food eating is to allow yourself a tiny amount of the foods that you crave once in a while. If you feel like you will never again be able to eat pizza or ice cream or chips or chocolate for the rest of your life, you will feel despair and feel like giving up. Instead, if you allow yourself for example one cookie or 4 chips for dessert after eating a really healthy whole food meal you will be getting the nutrition that you need in your meal and giving your body that one cookie so you don’t feel like you are totally depriving yourself.

Also, when *you* decide that you will eat 4 chips or 3 jelly beans or whatever, you are teaching yourself that you can indeed control your eating and that YOU are in charge and not your cravings.

Also, slowly work healthier meal choices into your diet — don’t try to make a drastic change all at once; change made slowly lasts much longer.

Good luck!

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