Force-Fed Performance Presents: Hamid’s FD3S

Force-Fed Performance Presents: Hamid’s FD3S – A few pulls on the dyno in Hamid’s FD3S which came off the rollers at 505whp at 17psi on pump gas with water/meth. Utilizing the all new Microtech LT-9C and …


Sheriff, commissioner primary candidates respond to League of Women Voters
Burglaries and thefts occur in Putnam County and are usually tied in some way to meth and other drugs because people using drugs become more susceptible to commit other crimes in order to get money to purchase more drugs. Using technology to better … Read more on The Banner-Graphic

Utah Mother Charged With A Felony For Using Meth While Pregnant
A 24-year-old mother in Utah has been charged with a second-degree felony based on accusations that she endangered her child by using methamphetamine while pregnant, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. Her case fits into the troubling trend of … Read more on ThinkProgress