Fear of slowing growth drags down global markets

Fear of slowing growth drags down global markets
The turbulence coincides with a global economic shift: China and other emerging-market economies appear to be running into trouble just as the developed economies of the United States and Europe finally show signs of renewed strength nearly five years … Read more on WIS

Fear of slowing growth pushes down global markets
FLIGHT FROM RISK: The downturn began Thursday following signs that manufacturing was contracting in China, a major importer of raw materials and a key driver of global economic growth. The values of currencies in several emerging markets have … Read more on WIS

Area emergency personnel learn about meth labs
Butterworth showed photos of how the drug looks along with a video of a woman high on meth to help safety service people identify the drug and signs and symptoms of usage. "It's a reality," Butterworth said, that has to be dealt with. At 6:30 p.m. on Jan. Read more on The-review