Crystal meth use behind town crime

Crystal meth use behind town crime
All the telltale signs of self destruction were there. In 2012, before he attacked and robbed the elderly woman, he broke another man's jaw in an unprovoked attack outside the Bluestone nightclub. Again, he was high on ice. In my experience as a court … Read more on Ballarat Courier

W.Va. Rite Aid stores stop selling most sought-after meth-making medicines
Last week, Charleston-area Rite Aid stores started posting signs about the policy change, which applies only to Rite Aid's West Virginia locations. CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Rite Aid stores in West Virginia have stopped carrying several top-selling cold … Read more on Charleston Gazette

Recovering meth addicts recall hellish days with regret
KUALA LUMPUR: With no smoke, no smell and no visible signs of use, it is not surprising that methamphetamine has become the drug of choice for the young and restless. Methamphetamine goes by many street names, including meth and speed for its … Read more on The Star Online