Considering the Effects of Mass Incarceration

Considering the Effects of Mass Incarceration
PENALTIES FOR CRACK, the crystallized form of the cocaine, which comes in powder form, are harsh compared to those for cocaine. Although the drugs are pharmaceutically the same, a person possessing 28 grams of crack faces a mandatory five year … Read more on Virginia Connection Newspapers

Tragic tale of drink and drugs death
Pathologist Dr David Barker recorded the cause of death as “the combined toxic effects of morphine (heroin), cocaine, alcohol, amphetamine and methadone”. Police had quickly confirmed there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death. Read more on Leigh Today

Young mum confronted burglar in her home, Carlisle court told
Carlo Bone, 28, was so off his head on cider and crack cocaine he could remember nothing of breaking into the woman's home in Ramsey Drive, Parton, Whitehaven, on March 14. But at Carlisle Crown Court, Bone, of South View Road, Whitehaven, pleaded … Read more on News & Star