Can anybody get away with as much as Charlie Sheen?

Question by tired person: Can anybody get away with as much as Charlie Sheen?
“Research” is from an article that makes fun of Charlie Sheen. But whatever, my point still stands.

-He threatened his wife with a switchblade on Christmas day.
-Crashed two of his cars into a ravine, that’s twice within a span of 4 months
-Multiple prostitutes
-Public battles with ex wives
-Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, rehab.
-Generally violent
-Does cigarette ads in Japan
-Demanded Obama discuss the 9/11 conspiracy theory with him in private
-General asswhole comments to the media.

For all this he gets very brief jail time and fines he has no trouble paying cause he’s still filming his show. Right after the xmas scandal, he got signed for 2 more seasons. Don’t even try to say it’s because no one cares about Charlie Sheen. Two and a Half Men was the #1 rated show in America for a time in 2008 and most people know who he is. He makes 1.8 million an episode.

Meanwhile Kanye can’t get a hug.

WHO tell me who.

maybe Robert Downey Jr.

No… I’m not trying to make a racial issue… lol.

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Answer by FREE MARC EMERY!!!
thats cause Sheen is a straight up gangsta hahaha

Kanye West is just a know it all spoiled bitch

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