BG, “Long Time Coming” (Originally Published December/January 2013)

BG, “Long Time Coming” (Originally Published December/January 2013)
At 16, he was arrested with crack and marijuana. A year … He pulled out, tossed the needle to the floor, where the New Orlean's Police Department found heroin foils, cocaine and a blunt. The officers wrote in the report that Dorsey had “burnt veins … Read more on XXLMAG.COM

A Timeline of the Rise and Fall of 'Tough on Crime' Drug Sentencing
May 1995: The U.S. Sentencing Commission recommends that Congress revisit mandatory minimums, especially the discrepancy between crack and powder cocaine, according to Frontline. Congress overrides the … August 12, 2013: The Associated Press notes … Read more on The Wire

Man admits to stealing two women's purses after he's tackled by Good Samaritan
The complaint says as Reichartz Jr. was being apprehended, he told police he had a “crack pipe” on him. … The victim from the purse snatching in the Sav-A-Lot parking lot was injured in the incident — and police said she may require medical treatment. Read more on

Three in contest for governor striving hard for visibility
These first-time gubernatorial candidates — a biopharmaceutical executive, former health care administrator, and former homeland security official — are trying to break through their limited spheres of influence to engender the broader support of a … Read more on Boston Globe