All family now

All family now
“We decided to use the resources we had more fully.” In November 2009, Leslie picked up a copy of The Catholic Key containing … He was exposed to meth again. He now demonstrates ADHD symptoms, and has been tested. His younger brother was drug exposed … Read more on The Catholic Key

Top 6 Health and Beauty Trends To Watch For In 2014
Vaccines for cocaine, crack and methamphetamine (meth) are also in development. … The short telomeres is superior than other tests for detecting signs of advanced aging that use only the average length of the telomere Short telomeres are associated … Read more on Monsters and

Not with a bang but with a shipping delay
People in Irwindale reported every thing from coughs, sneezes and headaches to burning throats, watering eyes, asthma attacks and nosebleeds — the same sorts of symptoms one gets from a blast of pepper-spray — even miles away from the factory. A … Read more on Boulder Weekly

Seeking Charlotte's Web
Though it has been little studied, there is growing evidence marijuana and compounds derived from it may treat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, glaucoma, diabetes, cancer, HIV, and inflammatory diseases. A study released last month showed … Read more on