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Alcohol Detox – As seen on A&E’s Intervention…A dignified and compassionate Alcohol Detox center. We can help you detox from Alcohol painlessly. Recover from Alcoholism co…


Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Leave Your Manners At The Door
Kim's alcoholism has obviously caused the group a lot of strife over the years. I'm SO HAPPY she is in recovery and healthy. Ken was out of line in making the comment snippily, but it is a fair point. I thought Kim was polite but assertive in her … Read more on Reality Tea

Drew Barrymore on New Film With Adam Sandler, Motherhood and New Book
Barrymore has come a long way from the child star who captivated audiences in the blockbuster film, "E.T.," and then made headlines for her wild behavior – including drug and alcohol addiction, partying and stints in rehab — as she grew up. She … Read more on ABC News

Hart District, Action Open SCV's First 'Sober School'
For Action's part, Quashen said, “We have the residential treatment centers, the intensive outpatient program, the support groups, but … here's what I hear all the time: 'Everyone I know is using.' That doesn't mean every kid is using, but that means … Read more on