Alcohol consumption bumps up cancer numbers

Alcohol consumption bumps up cancer numbers
TORONTO – As many as 3,000 new cancer cases each year in Ontario can be attributed to alcohol consumption, according to a report released today. The report found that a substantial number of cancers diagnosed in Ontario could be prevented by reducing … Read more on Brampton Guardian

Parents continue to believe alcohol, marijuana use threaten their children
While most of those surveyed (78 percent) believe law enforcement is effective at addressing underage drug and alcohol use, another 11 percent strongly disagree about the effectiveness of law personnel in responding to calls about underage alcohol or … Read more on Dailysunnews

Commentary: Alcohol Awareness Month 2014
The special emphasis month encourages the public to dedicate this month to understand how excessive drinking can affect health, evaluate their own drinking habits and to discover the latest developments in treatment for alcohol use disorders. The … Read more on Cannon Connections

SBIRT: Brief Intervention: At Risk Alcohol Use – This video depicts a primary care physician conducting a brief intervention on alcohol use. All patients portrayed in the MD3 SBIRT videos are actors and the…