2014 poised to go to pot

2014 poised to go to pot
“I've been fighting (for marijuana reform) for 25 years and I can see that the laws are loosening,” says Myrden, who uses medical marijuana to ease symptoms for multiple sclerosis and tic douloureux, a nervous system disorder that causes facial pain. Read more on Toronto Star

Cuomo wants to legalize medical marijuana in New York
Albany – Thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York might soon allow patients with severe illnesses the legal right to use medical marijuana to alleviate their symptoms, making it the 21st state to do so. Cuomo is expected to announce his plans to … Read more on Rockland County Times

Maine Voices: Position on marijuana should be based on science-backed
Even when successful treatment has arrested or diminished the frightening auditory hallucinations or paranoid delusional fears precipitated by heavy use of marijuana, later use can cause these symptoms to reappear with a vengeance. Unsettling but … Read more on Press Herald

Dog tests positive for cocaine and marijuana
“I just want my dog back,” said Saiz, who drove Maddie to the veterinary clinic about 6 p.m. Tuesday after the dog showed symptoms of illness – twitching, shaking and difficulty with balance. Saiz said her 11-year-old daughter is devastated by the loss … Read more on ABQ Journal