Why is “addiction” worse than severe pain?

Question by Walkin on Sunshine!: Why is “addiction” worse than severe pain?
Everybody I talk to thinks I should lower my pain medications and suffer just so I could be, ya know, not an ‘addict’. I’d be in CONSTANT agony if I did. Nothing else that I’ve tried works nearly as well as my Oxycontin. No natural remedies nor lower doses can lower my pain as much as this.

I have MS, and the pain is far worse than any addiction.

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Answer by Margaret
Hi there. Why take notice of everybody else’s comments. 0bviously you are under a doctor and he/she regulates your medication. If you doctor prescribes your medication for your MS, and you take it accordingly, then you are not an addict. Just ignore other people’s comments and get on and live your life to the fullest as best you can. You know your own pain level, and if your doctor has prescribed the medication to help you with it, so be it. Just ignore other – some people are just ignorant and think that just because you take medication to help you you are an addict. Forget them, and get on with your life. Good luck!!

Answer by Animelover
If your doctor says you need to take all those medications, for your MS, then you need to, otherwise your gonna be pain a lot of the time. Who ever told you that you have an addiction, is wrong. If they had MS like you, they might need to take the same amount of doses as you are.

No one should go through so much pain from what ever there suffering from, like in the past, when hardly any good medication existed.

All I can say is just take the amount the doctor says and don’t overdose on them and you’ll be fine

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