Pros of alcohol and drug abuse?

Question by Angel: Pros of alcohol and drug abuse?
I’m having a debate on alcohol and drug abuse for my sociology class and my half of the debate are the pros. I certainly know that the functionalists would say that drug and alcohol abuse is good because it provides jobs for AA employees and provides greater economic flow. I’d actually like to know, are there any other pros besides the mentioned for the abuse of alcohol and drugs? Can the word “abuse” be used in a different context for alcohol and drugs? Please give me something to debate on the pros, thank you!
Okay, let me clarify my point of the debate: I was assigned the half of the debate that is pro drug and alcohol abuse, I had no say. I didn’t just ask for the pros of health, I’m also asking for benefits it causes. Functionalists, Conflict theorists, anything really. It wasn’t my choice to be the pro party. Sorry if I didn’t clarify enough.

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Answer by Johnny
If you really had to argue for the pros of alcohol and drug use (not abuse), you could mention the possibility of self-medicating preexisting psychological issues. For instance, say one suffered greatly from anxiety. Normally, this would cripple a workers ability to provide consistent or worthwhile labor in the work place. However, perhaps drinking alcohol before going to work or during the week helps the worker deal with anxiety and thus benefits both the worker and the employer. Of course, in order for this to work, it must be done in moderation.

I know I self-medicate because I struggle with depression and anxiety. Without this immediate relief, there would be times when I wouldn’t be able to completely function academically or socially. There is a fine line between use and abuse and as long as one knows how to tread this line carefully, one can definitely benefit from it.

Best of luck! And a very interesting question, thanks for asking, it definitely got me thinking.

Answer by Jope
Angel if this is a college course and this professor gave u this assignment drop this class now.

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