Meth Testing

Meth Testing – Ever wondered how to do meth testing? Kameron from Apple Environmental explains the process.


Man guilty of 2nd felony meth crime
Coffee filters containing possible meth residue were found in Schneeberger's purse, according to court documents. She allegedly admitted to purchasing pseudoephedrine and being present in her home when Atkinson manufactured meth. The affidavit … Read more on Clinton Herald

Police: Two area residents found with meth
Officers also searched the North Liberty residence, of which Covarrubias is the primary resident, and found dishes on the kitchen counter containing meth residue and meth and paraphernalia in her bedroom, according to police. Covarrubias has been … Read more on Iowa City Press Citizen

Strong chemical odor leads to meth bust in Theodosia
After searching the house, officers found several pre-cursors for a meth lab, along with several prescription narcotics that were not in proper prescription bottles and some aluminum foil that tested positive for containing meth residue. "We think he … Read more on Ozark County Times