Meaning of “cry for help”?

Question by : Meaning of “cry for help”?
ok so if a kid is like acting out a lot and getting in trouble, doing drugs and stuff – and teachers say its really a “Cry for help”
whats that mean?
like crying for help with what?
and how do you fix it?
the kid has a cra ppy home life but is like a popular kid, not emo or anything. like definitly does not cut themself or anything like that
why would a teenager cry for help?
help with what?
what are they hoping to get out of it?***
why not just say they need help?*****
and what would a teacher think if they saw a kid like this

any answer would be cool thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Shannon Murphy
This means that the kid is acting out so people will pay attention to him and help him. He wants help with his home life, and there is no sure way to fix it. He probably just wants someone to be there for him and understand what he is going through, but no one pays attention to him so he is getting into trouble so people notice him, hope this helped!

Answer by mim
well, I think it’s an unconscious cry for help usually.
People who don’t know how to use their voice often use actions as a way to deal with very tough emotions or deal with their home life or struggle to be. whatever it might be.
And usually these actions are self destructive, but some people take things out on others. Teenagers especially do not know how to use their voices and express emotion properly either.
It also depends, some peoples family do not communicate, so the children learn not to ‘talk’, so they dont talk, and suffer in silence.
A way to release any bad emotions would be to cut, do drugs – escape reality and what they feel, alcohol, some people over exercise, some people develop eatisng disorders – louder one being anorexia, quieter one (but as dangerous) bulimia. Some people get angry with everyone else, hit others, etc etc etc.

These people really need help.
They need attention, attention from people who can help them.
Attention is not a bad thing, everyone needs it. But it is seen and translated into a very negative thing for some reason.
So instead of saying “he’s looking for attention” people say “it’s a cry for help”

We all cry for help at times in various different ways, I think.
I certainly have.
Emotions can be tough to deal with, life can be tough to deal with and people need to learn healthy ways of dealing with the parts we want to run away and hide from.

Every individual is different, and has different needs.
It’s important to be sympathetic, understanding and not judge.

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