Is the drug Ultram addictive?

Question by Bella Black: Is the drug Ultram addictive?
While on my monthly search of my sister’s room (she is a klepto and steals things from people then lies about it, so I have to search her room every so often for things that I am missing. I usually find them. It is sad.) I found a prescription for Ultram in some guys name I don’t know. I Googled that it is a pain killer. She has stolen Codine from me in the past so I am wondering if I should be worried about this (beyond the fact that she has prescriptions in someone elses name) is it something that is addictive? Could she be getting “high” off it? I have never done any drugs ever so I have no idea about these kinds of things. Thanks for the help!

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Answer by Helpfulhannah

Yes,Ultram(tramadol) is an addictive pain reliever that is badly abused.

I knew a Pharmacist that lost her license due to stealing bottles of Ultram(as well as forging scripts for them) from the pharmacy we worked in..

Several patients that were addicted to Ultram would go through their months supply within 2 weeks, then come begging for more.

I hope you can get someone in your family to get your Sister help. If she is abusing Ultram, she will need to be admitted to the hospital to be weened off of that and any other drug she may be using.

Quote below is from second link below…

“Long-term use of Ultram can lead to a physical addiction in which the body adapts to the presence of the drug. When an Ultram addiction is present, abruptly stopping its use can be extremely dangerous. Those with an Ultram addiction should be medically supervised when stopping use in order to avoid dangerous and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.”

Read up on it at the webpage I linked below…

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