I think I have ADD….?

Question by ChillBroskiii.: I think I have ADD….?
For as long as i can remember, I’ve had ADD symptoms. About two years ago i started research for this and i’m convinced i have it. ive told my parents about it, but they havent really done anything about it.

who else can i tell about it to have a chance of getting tested for it? school guidance counselor? pediatrician (i have a physical this week)? also, what exactly would i say? i won’t lie, my biggest fear is of them laughing at me…

no rude answers! thanks.
i’m 14 if that helps.

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Answer by onlymatch4u
Please do yourself a favor and look beyond the “Symptom” farce for ADD. This problem is not due to a drug deficiency! Have you ever heard of anyone being deficient in a drug? Hyperactivity is a nutritional deficiency. You don’t need to be tested by some hack that tells you that you need to take a cocaine derivative to “cure” some hyperactive problem. That is ludicrous and falling into the allopathic trap being set by these lunatics promoting legal drug addiction on children.

This insanity has to stop somewhere. You need to find out what deficiencies you have and make some changes in your diet, not get tested for ADD! Don’t be a victim of this lunacy.

good luck to you

Answer by Changed Weekly
1st I have A.D.D. and i have had no one laugh at me so don’t worry about that. 2nd I would cpntact your doctor and talk to him about it, if you want to get rid of it there are prescription medicines, but when I took them they always made me depressed, so I just deal with it.

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