I could really use an answer, please?

Question by Robeeno The Hunter: I could really use an answer, please?
Okay, I have to make this clear, there are people I feel as though I love, I just don’t have the ability to empathise with people even loved ones much. When I’m around these people when they’re badly hurt emotionally and/or physically I don’t have the ability to care usually, I can fake it well, but it’s not real. I take the temperature of the situation and act accordingly, which basically means emulating what I’ve known others to do in like ordeals. Also no I don’t hurt animals (I like animals) or people (no urge to), I’m not a psycho just largely apathetic. What can I do to change this if I can. This doesn’t seem very human to me.
In reference to Steven C I would keep faking but it’s getting old to the point I’m starting to not even do it. I’ve been coming off cold lately.

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Answer by Bella C
find your happy place or take some happy pills

Answer by Libertas
Talk to a mental health Professional, it could be something along the lines of depression, ext

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