Education Requiremnts For Special Subject Teacher?

Question by H: Education Requiremnts For Special Subject Teacher?
hey im in high school and want to know the education requirements for being a special subject teacher, what i mean is i want to teach about ” Youth Prevention” in a public school, such as what young teens should do to prevent gangs drugs sex and all that. but i don’t know the education requirement, do i need bachelors?, because i just wanted to get my associates

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Answer by Amfavs
To be honest with you I am not sure that there is a career path that leads to “youth prevention”, although since I started teaching five years ago a number of people have been in my classroom to do these presentations. Most are police officers or people who work either at a shelter or outreach center for children. In order to do that with an associates degree I assume any social science would do the trick. If I were you I would call around to see if I could find a center near me and start volunteering as soon as possible and then ask around there.

Good Luck.

Answer by Laura
I don’t think you could get hired in a school just to teach that. You would have to be like a general health teacher or something and teach that as a unit. The better way to go would be to get a job with an organization that advocates for teens and schools would contact the organization to hire speaker to come in and do assemblies and things like that. You can do a lot of neat things for/with teens by working with an organization instead of in a school. Search online for youth or teen organizations in your town.

As a side note, it will always be easier to get a job with a bachelors instead of just an associates. And if you did end up wanting to teach in a school, you would definitely need a bachelors and maybe even a masters depending on what state you live in.

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