Drug ordinance back on table

Drug ordinance back on table
"In addition to the EPA guidelines, this ordinance would also adopt everything and anything the state of West Virginia has done since 2007 when they first started to come up with some standards about meth contamination abatement," McCauley told council … Read more on The Inter-Mountain

'It's us against the world': NRA introduces most intense ad yet
Like the father of the daughter the scumbag meth maker gave drugs too. He was taken out behind the bar and “informed” that he had an hour to pack his crap and leave. Had to burn the house he rented because of chemical contamination it was so bad. Read more on BizPac Review

Morgantown apartment house closed after meth lab bust
“The Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Health and Human Resources are going to be removing the chemicals and the contaminants within the next 24 hours.” Preston noted meth labs are usually located in more rural locations … Read more on West Virginia MetroNews