Does Anyone Have Any Advice For Quitting Smoking?

Question by Brian: Does Anyone Have Any Advice For Quitting Smoking?
I’m 15, and I’ve been smoking for almost four months. I started, because it helped me to cope with a broken-heart from a situation of unrequited-love, and because, at the time, I was suicidal, and I wanted to shorten my life as much as possible. I smoke a pack-a-day, and I have the desire to quit, because I know that if I don’t stop, that it will greatly hinder my performance in cross-country, and my addiction to nicotine is eating a whole in my wallet, which is a problem, because I plan on saving money to buy a car soon. I’ve found that I can go six days without smoking, then the stress just gets to me, then I break-down, buy a pack, and have a have a relapse. Sometimes the idea of never relaxing, and enjoying a nice unfiltered cigarette scares me, like I can’t get past the idea of never feeling complete again. I’d greatly appreciate any and all help anyone would have to offer me.

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Everytime u have an urdge to smoke put gum in your mouth

Answer by Mv
smoking is a hobby and it is a endless hobby that every time you smoke more it will be more joyless .
and i think there is no way for Quitting Smoking at all but one .
and that’s it . you should feel inside , oh this is bullshit , why should i spend these money on a pack of shit that some company want people to use for own benefits ?!
i don’t know when you will reach to this or how ! but the key is you yourself wanna smoke no more !
i know many people Quitting Smoking and they feel stress and maybe pain 🙂 😛 and some how they start to counting the days they doesn’t smoke … but you know and i know this is not the way !
whenever you decide to Quitting Smoking JUST SAY OK ITS ENOUGH < I DON'T Wanna SMOKE . and you'll heel . its that simple . you think its not gonna work ? mm mm i think you're not ready for Quitting Smoking . at last excuse me for maybe i am bad at English cuz im Asian . 🙂

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