Do you think Drug addicts/junkies feel guilty or regretful for every going down that path? I come from a long?

Question by : Do you think Drug addicts/junkies feel guilty or regretful for every going down that path? I come from a long?
line of addicts (u name it they done it) but it’s like they are “functional addicts.” I had an ex bf who was addicted to crack cocaine and an ex bff (was a late bloomer) who’s also addicted to crack cocaine. I dont feel sorry for them cause they have arrogant attitudes or think they are so much better than ppl, dont understand or see how. I wanted to be there for my ex bff knowing things would never be the same, my ex bf I still want to be with him but cant jeopardize my life.

I really need an understanding what do they feel about life. Yes, life is hard for all of us or a struggle but what made them give up the fight, and take the sad route out? I wonder do they envy others who isnt livin so devilish, or who was the ppl that put them onto drugs. Why would someone hate themself that much they just destroy themselves. I believe once you are on drugs its a fight to get off and you are never really off you always need to be high to see reality from a delusional perspective.

p.s. when my ex isnt doing drugs he’s taking prescribe drugs for his mental illness how does mental illness plays a part amongst addicts, every one I know who’s addicted take prescibe drugs to cope

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Answer by Sarah Williams
i am bipolar, also smoked crack and am currently an alcoholic. i do not take medications for my mental disorder. which in turn makes me MORE likely to become an addict. I feel guilty for hurting people i love but i do get very defensive when people try to push things on me. like quitting drinking or taking meds.
Its not about hatefulness towards themselves. Sometimes drugs or alcohol is used as a way to cope. its nothing devilish to them. although they know that stealing is wrong, some crackheads or meth addicts and what not will steal to get another fix. they feel they have to bc theyre body is so badly craving it. its an awful lonely world that most feel ashamed of. especially if they also have a mental disorder. do not give up on these people, if you are religious then pray, pray and pray some more. there is ALWAYS hope. just love them and be there for them.

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