Are the monoamine neurotransmitters replenished only during sleep?

Question by Ian: Are the monoamine neurotransmitters replenished only during sleep?
I was wondering because I’m being treated with Ritalin for ADD and there are periods during which I experience mild insomnia. Ritalin doesn’t have anything to do with me sleeping little; I had those episodes when I just can’t stop worrying already before treatment with Ritalin was commenced.

But why I am asking this actually is because I’ve heard that stimulants, especially if abused, can deplete dopamine levels, with a major breakdown being the consequence, I suppose.
Thing is, I don’t abuse my medication, I’m just worrying whether a lack of sleep could sooner or later lead to dopamine being depleted faster then it is being rebuilt within the neurons.

(Hope you don’t mind the English of mine)

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Answer by clcaste
Mind insomnia shouldn’t be too much of a concern. I also have ADHD and have suffered from bouts of insomnia throughout my life. Although I am not currently on medication, I took Ritalin for several years during college. The doses is so small that it’s impossible to become “addicted” if you are taking it properly. People who experience dopamine depleation on meth or amphetamines are addicted and need more and more of the substance to experience the high, which eventually depeats dopamine (ability to feel pleasure etc.). You should be fine. However, you might want to talk to a doctor about the insomnia. There are new sleep drugs out there that are non-habit forming that are really helpful. Personally, I take a very small dose of Trazadone, and that’s worked for me for several years.

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