alcoholic … genetic?…. and help?

Question by JJC08082: alcoholic … genetic?…. and help?
Other than professional help and seeking out AA meetings, what can you do on your own to stop drinking alcohol? Also, what are the main signs of an alcoholic to you and is it generic?

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Answer by [email protected]
An alchololic will drink at any time, day or night – even first thing in the morning. Ongoing over months and years.

The only one who can really help them to stop is themselves. Others can advise, but that is all.

I`m not sure about your `generic` question – but yes, the sign of someone being an alcoholic are pretty common.

Answer by Pam R
You can not detox yourself, as alcohol is an addiction. There is some kind of pill the Dr.’s has used to help it.
It is genetic gene.

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